Accountancy Office

How can we help?


A. Basic scope of services offered by our office:

Keeping of accounting books

  • Keeping  of income and expenditure books
  • Accounting and finance advising
  • Tax advising
  • Dealing with personnel affairs
  • Preparing ZUS national insurance papers
  • Preparing tax declarations
  • Preparing financial statements and reports (current internal reporting)
  • Expertise and opinions in economic and finance fields
  • Accounting and tax books reviews
  • Preparing business plans
  • Preparing rules of accounting policy together with company accounts plan
  • Preparing description for: inventory, internal control, monetary economy, warehouse management.

B. Additional range of Company activities involving licensed specialists:

  • Advising in accountancy organization and computerization.
  • Auditing financial reports and accounting books.
  • Taking part in controlling activities and tax controls as proxy or advisor
  • Helping in founding and reforming  of commercial law companies (public company, limited partnership, limited liability company)
  • Advising in internal controls
  • Tax accounts correctness verification through audit and tax review
  • Preparing special tax papers concerning transfer prices according to regulations and supporting the tax payer
  • Adults’ trainings on balance law (accountancy) and tax law (VAT, income tax on legal units, individual income tax),  fix assets  in the light of balance and law regulations and others on special demand.


Written reports of the given tasks are prepared in English, German, and Russian. 


We provide constant news on tax and economy law. Advising our clients we employ a wholesome approach through tight cooperation with the >  Clients and consultants. This allows us to solve problems on a broad basis.